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  • When Grandma Brezec dies, estranged twins Orson and Ursula find out that one of them is adopted! Too bad Grandma couldn’t remember which. Their inheritance at stake, the twins must dig through the family history of legends, lies and sex - with bears. Titillated?
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September 09, 2006



Wow, last city. Time flies! I'm very impressed with the mustache, Chris looks like he could be a local (for me) policeman! The Trondheim-police love their mustaches, I even think they have contests. The longest, the neatest, the twirliest and so on. Also, Vancouver looks beautiful! There'll be more pictures from Vancouver, I hope? Perhaps on the Creampuff-blog?
Norwegian word of the day: "bart". It means mustache. Very short "a" - it doesn't rhyme with "fart":-)


HB - Chris appreciates your mustache compliments! Also, he is of Norwegian descent; clearly his Norwegian cop side guided him to the handlebar. Good to know he could have a career as a Norwegian policeman if this whole theatre thing doesn't work out. As for more photos of Vancouver - count on it!

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