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  • When Grandma Brezec dies, estranged twins Orson and Ursula find out that one of them is adopted! Too bad Grandma couldn’t remember which. Their inheritance at stake, the twins must dig through the family history of legends, lies and sex - with bears. Titillated?
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August 07, 2006



Dude should score some primo tail with that stache. Pretty eyes too, oh sorry...I forget...HANDSOME eyes. Total babe-magnets.

How ya feeling roro? You have my complete respect for going on with that pain-in-the-ass ailment haunting you. You da man!!!


Oh, Syd, it's okay. Chris knows he has the pretty eyes.

And I'm feeling much better, thank you!! Working my way back up to two Slurpees a day. It's a hard road to recovery, I tell you . . .

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