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  • When Grandma Brezec dies, estranged twins Orson and Ursula find out that one of them is adopted! Too bad Grandma couldn’t remember which. Their inheritance at stake, the twins must dig through the family history of legends, lies and sex - with bears. Titillated?
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August 02, 2006



OH Yeeeeeaaaaah!!

Is Chris okay? It looks like Kitty Kruger was about to unload on his ass.

Man, I want one of those alpacas, just for a laugh every day. They are so cute!! Do you think we could fit one in the back seat of the Benz? If we got it a little drunk first, maybe? I did get Amos in there, after all.


Yeah, that is a pretty scary photo of the Chairman. Chris SEEMS okay - but he does seem to be hissing and licking himself more . . . as for the alpacas, we could TOTALLY get one into the backseat! But then what would we do? Make out with it?


roro, how long has it been since you saw your wife?? Then again, those animals do have awfully cute mouths.


Oh, Syd ... it has been far too long. I'm starting to think "Damn, she she *totally* bring one of those alpacas with her when she gets to BC!"

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