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  • When Grandma Brezec dies, estranged twins Orson and Ursula find out that one of them is adopted! Too bad Grandma couldn’t remember which. Their inheritance at stake, the twins must dig through the family history of legends, lies and sex - with bears. Titillated?
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July 14, 2006



That is a great quote! The first of many flattering quotes I'm sure!


Crabs, LOL!! That's my girl!

So glad to hear of the good review. Not surprised, just really happy for you.


In case of bad reviews a friend taught me how to tell someone you hope their crotch is intested with the fleas of a thousand camels to in Arabic. It's almost as good as crabs, and delightfully to the point.

As ShBu said I'm sure it'll be the first of many!


Unlike last year, someone finally got what you were trying to accomplish. Congratulations!


ShBu - ha ha! I hope so - otherwise we'll have to cobble another one together. "Play . . . twins . . . bears."

Syd - thanks! Knew you'd enjoy the crabs.

Heather - I'll have to learn that phrase so I have it handy. Multi-lingual insults are the new black!

Drew - well, exactly. HA ha!

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