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  • When Grandma Brezec dies, estranged twins Orson and Ursula find out that one of them is adopted! Too bad Grandma couldn’t remember which. Their inheritance at stake, the twins must dig through the family history of legends, lies and sex - with bears. Titillated?
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July 30, 2006


Marianne and Bill

I was almost eaten by a bear when I was in Kenora as a teen. Did you pass by Rushing River Provincial Park? It looks like we should rush to claim squatters rights at Bob and Carols. What a palatial spot.
Glad to hear that you're both safe and sound and getting lots of honks. Be a honkie for Jesus!
makibeleds and biroarcbar


Dude, it's 47 degrees right now, with the humidex. You picked the right time to leave town. xo's


Either the southern route is MUCH faster or you guys are slow :) We are in Minot, ND and everyone is happy, healthy and as sane as when we started (not much that is)


So THIS is the blog place where things are happening right now! I should have guessed, since it's August. Drive safely, and drink a slurpee for me:-)


Looks like your dad keeps nice friends.

Love the pics!!


Maki and Biro - DO it! It's a prime spot!

ers - no kidding, man. Try to stay cool.

Kristen - well, we are slow, but I imagine we also lack your military precision!

HB - I hoped I'd be able to keep up with both blogs but it seems like there's just waaaay too much to do. Thanks for visiting here though!

Syd - He does. And the next set of pics are for you!


OK, I know I'm 2 weeks behind...but..HOW can there NOT be a *Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice* joke in here?! Somewhere!? Jesszus. Isn't anyone over 35?

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